Whakamana te Waituna

Bank reconstruction

In July 2012 Environment Southland began a programme of works with funding assistance from the Ministry for the Environment's Fresh Start for Freshwater Clean-up Fund. One of the projects that was funded was reconstruction of approximately 14km of Waituna Creek’s banks. Funding support for this project was also received from landowners (including the Department of Conservation and the Southland District Council).

In late 2011 the community approached Environment Southland staff and councillors concerned about the continuing erosion of the banks of Waituna Creek, and the effects that the eroded sediment and associated nutrients would be having downstream on Waituna Lagoon. This anecdotal evidence, photographic evidence and a sediment fingerprinting study validated the need to address this issue.

To address this issue it was proposed to reconstruct the banks of the worst affected eroding and slumping sections of Waituna Creek by rebattering the banks and armouring corners with rock. The process involved identifying the worst affected sections, gaining consent to undertake the works, carrying out a trial on one section, and then extending the works to other sections.

View the sections of Waituna Creek that were reconstructed.

The next stage of this project is to undertake riparian planting along the reconstructed banks. This began in May 2017 on the first property to have the banks reconstructed, the planting will provide a biodiversity link between two patches of bush.

Before bank reconstruction. Photo by Katrina Robertson.

After bank reconstruction.Photo by Katrina Robertson.

Before bank reconstruction.Photo by Katrina Robertson.

After bank reconstruction.Photo by Katrina Robertson.